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Uses of malayavach - Alpinia galanga Willd., Alpinia calcarata

malayavach :

malayavach  : Alpinia galanga Willd., Alpinia calcarata

General Use:

  • Kulanjan is a very effective herb for treating cough, asthma and it very effective herb for treating winter season related problems. Kulanjan powder along with honey is used to treat respiratory system related problems in children and old age people. Its bronchodilator properties help to treat asthma. In itching of the throat, it is also very beneficial.
  • Its aromatic, digestive and stimulant properties help to treat digestive system related problems. Due to its strong aroma, it is used in the preparation of other medicines.
  • It is used to treat incontinence (mutratyaag) of urine in sufferers of diabetes (madhumeha).
  • It is also very beneficial for treating bad breath and it also possesses aphrodisiac properties.
  • Oils present in this herb is a very effective for treating skin related disorders.
  • Powder of kulanjan is rubbed over teeth is very beneficial for treating toothache.
  • Kulanjan powder is rubbed over the skin is used to treat excessive sweating.

Therapeutic Uses:

  • It helps to reduce inflammation in the abdomen and good for treating discomfort caused by abdominal ulcers. It is also good for treating various other digestive system related problems.
  • Kulanjan is a very effective herb that is used to dilate blocked blood vessels and improves circulation of blood in the body. Basically, it is used to improve circulation of the upper and lower extremities.
  • Its carminative properties help to relieve constipation and other major underlying symptoms associated with this problem like flatus, bloating and abdominal discomfort.
  • Powder of kulanjan is used as mouth freshener that is used to treat mouth related problems and bad breath.
  • Fine powder of kulanjan in form of snuff to treat various nasal infections.
  • A decoction prepared from roots is used as a gargle to treat bleeding, swollen gums and other infections associated with gums.
  • Anti-pyretic properties of this herb are very beneficial for treating chronic fever.
  • It is also anti-microbial in nature that helps to fight against infections caused by various bacteria, virus, and other micro-organisms.
  • Apart from internal uses pure extract obtained from roots of kulanjan is applied externally over skin to improve skin tone and complexion. Anti-oxidants present in this herb are good for skin care and protect the dermis from free radicals and infections. Juice is also applied over skin burns to relieve the burning sensation.
  • Anti-fungal nature of this miraculous herb helps to fight against urinary tract related infections.

Systemic Use:

1. Traditional use to treat childrens respiratory complaints, galangal species show promise as antifungals, hypotensives, and enhancers of sperm count and motility. Antitumor and antidementia effects have been observed in rodents.

2.It is valued for its stimulating effect upon the digestive system, being used to treat conditions such as indigestion, colic and dysentery, whilst it is also used in the treatment of skin diseases, enlarged spleen, respiratory diseases, cancers of mouth and stomach, for treatment of systemic infections, cholera, and after childbirth.

3.It is aphrodisiac, aromatic, bitter, digestive, expectorant, pungent herb that stimulates the digestive system.


Kulanjana powder is used against bad breath as a mouth freshener.


aamvaata naasha
swara bhanga
for madhu meha
in kasa - swaasa

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