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malayavach in the market

malayavach :

malayavach  : Alpinia galanga Willd., Alpinia calcarata


Use equal amounts of ginger to substitute for galangal.

A officinarum, which is used as substitute of A galanga, are almost similar to the of A. galanga ;  they differ only in the measurement of dimensions of the cells However, A. galanga (Greater galangal) can be recognized from the lesser galangal (A. officinarum) by its larger size, feebler odour and tasted and by its deep orange brown skin which is prominently contrasting with the pale buff colour of the internal structure.


Alpinia galangal is adulterated with Alpinia officinarum, which is known as lesser galang.

Commercial value:

-‘Khulanjan’, commonly known as the greater galangal or galanga major, is used in the indigenous system of medicine in the treatment of catarrhal affections . Two species of Alpinia (Zingiberaceae), A. galanga and A. officinarum are reported to be the source plant of galangal. However they have been referred to as greater galangal or galanga major (A. galanga) and galangal minor or lesser galangal (A. officinarum) in most of the publications on medicinal plants. A. galanga rhizome is also used as the source plant of another Ayurvedic drug ‘Rasna’ through the South India . A large quantity of the drug is sold in the Indian crude drug markets under the name ‘Bach’, source plant of which is Acorus calamus Linn.

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