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About Ayushvedah

About Ayushvedah

Myself, Dr Mohamed Rifas and Ayushvedah is my dream project. and this is its beginning! I came up with the idea after researching through a lot of websites that provides information about Ayurvedic plants, medicines etc.., and I could find a lot of limitations in those websites and almost every website just contained the same thing in same way. I as a passionate programmer started thinking in a different manner, with an ultimate aim of building up an Ayurvedic Wikipedia. I am sure just an individual effort cannot bring the process working. If you are reading this I would really welcome you to be a part of this historical project.

Being a Keralite it was not a wonder seeing my parents and grandparents having plants from our plot to cure the acute disorders. The very first time I started hearing the scientific name of Medicinal plants was during the project of my 12 grade in which our beloved teacher Mrs. Bindu guided me. Finally this ended me up in the world's best healing science, Ayurveda which showed me the magical powers of combinations of plants and other extracts which are used for medication.

To be frank remembering the whole Ayurvedic plants, their properties, their combinations and recalling them when required is a tough task from which my idea generated. In the first stage the whole of Ayurveda formulations will be made available on the website after which there will be analytical data for each combination depending on the ingredients. This will be available to the public without cost. Thats what Ayushvedah aim for; a second version from the ancient scriptures.

"He who enjoys his work adds five days to his week." - Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Hope you got the point! I enjoy doing this! I dedicate this whole work to my family especially my wife, Sumayya and son Mohamed Zaaki as I spend more time on the project than the time they deserve to be with me. I thank everyone for the ideas they provided because of which I still keep this project going. Thanks a lot!

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