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Cultivation of malayavach - Alpinia galanga Willd., Alpinia calca..

malayavach :

malayavach  : Alpinia galanga Willd., Alpinia calcarata


A plant for the warmer tropics, preferring high humidity and a temperature that does not fall below 15°c[]. It is found at elevations up to 1,200 metres[]. It grows best in areas where annual daytime temperatures are within the range 27 - 32°c, but can tolerate 20 - 36°c. It prefers a mean annual rainfall in the range 2,500 - 3,000mm, but tolerates 2,000 - 3,700mm
Prefers a well-drained, humus-rich soil and a position in partial shade Succeeds in full sun and can tolerate some drought. Prefers a pH in the range 5.5 - 6.5, tolerating 5 - 6.8


Seed - best sown as soon as ripe[]. Sow in containers and keep at around 20c
Division of the rootstock as new growth begins[]. Very easy. Shoots from pieces of galanga rhizome emerge about 1 week after planting; within 4 weeks 2 - 3 leaves have developed


The rhizome develops quickly and reaches its best harvest quality 3 months after planting
Plants can spread rampantly when growing in suitable conditions

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