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Synonyms of amarvalli - Cuscuta reflexa Roxb.

amarvalli :

Dusparsa - Cuscuta reflexa Roxb


Cuscuta reflexa has no reference in Vedic and Samhita kala. It was originated from Nighantus. 
1. Raj Nighantu 
The synonyms akashvalli, khavalli, asprsha, vyomvallika are mentioned. The synonym of Akash co-joint with valli (climber) word makes the synonym “akashavalli”. Akashvalli has madhur rasa (sweet taste). It is pittashamak (cholagogue), rasayana (rejuvenative), balavardhak (strengthen body) and has the proper;es of divyaausadhies

2. Bhavprakash Nighantu 
Saints says that synonyms of Aakashballi is Amarballri, so akashballi, khaballi, amarballri are the names of Amerbel. It is tikta (bitter) and kashaya (astringent), malasangrhahak (stool binder), pischil (sticky), netraroganashak (eye disorders), jathragnibardhak (appetizer), hridya (cardiotonic) and destroys the pitta (bile), kapha (cough) and aam (undigestive food) . 

3. Nighantu Adarsh 
The plant is distributed with the name of aakashbel and amarbel. It is found on some trees and mentioned under karpurtwakadi varga. Both Cassytha filiformis and Cuscuta reflexa are morphologically same and identified only with the help of its fruit. It is balya (strengthen body), keshya (hair strengthening), vranropan (wound healer) and vrishya (aphrodisiac) . 

4. Shankar Nighantu 
The synonyms are akasvalli, amerbel, akashbel and aaloklata. Its taste is bitter, yellow colored with white flower. The dose is 1 to12 masa. The properties are pichil (sticky), netrarog nashak (eye disorders), jathragnibardhak (appetizer) and hridya (cardiotonic). It spreads over Ber and Aadu trees. It is a rootless climber so it is called as Akashbel


Synonyms in Ayurveda: amarvalli, amaravela, khavalli, akashvalli, dusparsha, vyomvallika, svarnalata, nirmuli, akashvel

This parasitic herbaceous plant climbs over the shrubs and trees. It is common throughout India, abundant in Bengal plains. It has no root under the ground, but only grows as a parasitic twinner on other plants, and hence called akaswel (skytwinner)

  1. swarnalatha - the plant is golden
  2. nirmuli - plant do not have proper root
  3. vyomavallika, vyomavalli, khavalli, amaravalli - the plant has a long like

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