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Uses amarvalli in other systems of medicine

amarvalli :

Dusparsa - Cuscuta reflexa Roxb

Use in other system of medicine:

Contemporary  Chinese herbalists  use  Cuscuta  in formulas  to  treat  a range  of conditions,  including:    impotence premature  ejaculation ,sperm  leakage  ,frequent urination  ,ringing in the  ears  ,lower  back pain  ,sore knees  ,white discharge from the vagina (leucorrhea) ,dry eyes ,blurred vision ,tired eyes. Cuscuta is one of nine herbs included in the manufacture of Equiguard, a Chinese herbal medicine recommended for kidney and prostate disorders. Research performed at New York Medical College indicates that the combination of ingredients in Equiguard may well be effective in the treatment of prostate cancer. The preparation inhibited the growth of cancer cells, increased the rate of self-destruction (apoptosis) of cancer cells, and prevented the surviving cells from forming colonies.  

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