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Uses of amarvalli - Cuscuta reflexa Roxb.

amarvalli :

Dusparsa - Cuscuta reflexa Roxb

General Use:

Cuscuta plant is used for treating constipation, the liver, spleen diseases, diarrhea, inflammation etc. Cuscuta is alterative, purgative, carminative and anthelmintic. The plant also has Anti-fertility effect.

Therapeutic Uses:

It is indicated in Jaundice, Insanity, paralysis, lumbago, itching, vomiting, chronic ulcers, Melancholia, Epilepsy, Hiccup, Inflammations, Headache, Incubus Nightmare, Chronic Persistent Fevers, Muscular Pain, Atrabilious Affections, Phlegmatic Humours, Spleen Debility, Joints Pain, Intestinal Disorders, Orchitis, Protracted Fevers, Liver Induration, Irritative Condition of Brain.

Systemic Use:

The Indication of stem of Aftimoon (Cuscuta reflexa Roxb.) is bilious disorders.
The Indications of seed of Aftimoon (Cuscuta reflexa Roxb.) are spleen disorders, chronic fever, hepatic disorders, ophthalmia, quartan fever, hiccupand griping.


Enlargement of the spleen, the liver complaints, constipation, flatulence: Prepare decoction of Amarbel. Drink 50 ml of this once a day. 
Piles (bleeding, non-bleeding): Extract 10 ml juice of Amarbel. Mix this with 3 gram Maricha churna and take every morning: 
Excessive abdominal gas: Boil the plant and tie on the abdominal region. 
Itching: Apply paste of Amarbel on the affected skin area. 
Wound: Grind Amarbel. Mix with Sunthi and Ghee. Topically apply on the affected area. 
Hair fall, Dandruff: Prepare paste of cuscuta. Mix some sesame oil and apply in hairs for curing hair fall. Crush and boil Cuscuta 50 grams in one liter water. Wash hair with this water.


The pharmacological Actions of the plant (Cuscuta reflexa Roxb.) are Alterative, Analgesic, Anthelmintic, Anti-atrabilious, Blood Purifier, Carminative, Demulcent, Deobstruent, Diaphoretic, Diuretic, Emmenagogue, Expectorant, Febrifuge, Purgative, Resolvent and Sedative. Fruit is especially alterative, stem is purgative and seeds are carminative and anodyne.

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