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10 Top Healthy Lunch Ideas for Weight Loss

10 Top Healthy Lunch Ideas for Weight Loss

Lunch is an important meal of the day and everyone loves having their healthy lunches. As we all know that it is a meal that is eaten around midday and it gives energy for the rest of the day until we have our dinner. Most of the time we tend to skip lunch or have unhealthy foods because of our busy work schedule. We will be discussing healthy lunch for weight loss in this article so that you can have good food and at the same time you can enjoy your lunch too.

What to eat for lunch to lose weight?

This is the common question that we have whenever we have our lunch. There are many choices around us, but we are not sure which one to choose. Sometimes the food that we consider healthy, might not help you lose weight. But skipping a lunch is also a wrong idea. When we skip a lunch, it can cause more bad effects to our body than just losing weight. Skipping a lunch can cause accumulation of gastric juices in our stomach. These gastric juices which are acidic in nature can cause irritation to our Stomach linings and can result in Ulcers if we continue this habit for long term. Skipping meals or lunch can also cause physiological effects too. It can lead to depressions and unwanted sorrow. To avoid all these, we advise never skip a meal or lunch

Healthy lunch ideas for weight loss
We will now discuss few healthy lunch recipes for weight loss which will help you lose at least 10kgs in a month, if you follow them properly. These are not very difficult to follow, but simple techniques to take when ever you prepare your lunch. These lunch for weight loss will make you feel fuller and also helps you lose weight.

1. Apple Cider vinegar – Try to take 2 table spoons of Apple cider vinegar in luke warm water before your lunch. This prevents food to store in stomach and intestine for long time and removes them as soon as it is digested. Apple cider vinegar also make feel full faster and stay satiated for a longer period thus helps in losing weight faster.

healthy lunch ideas for weight loss

2. Low fat Rotis or Chapattis – Most people from the Indian sub-continent cannot avoid Rotis or Chapatis completely for the lunch. They grow up having them and there is nothing better which can replace Rotis or chapattis. Chapattis or Rotis are made up of Atta or Wheat flour which mostly contain Gluten and carbohydrates. To lose weight we can make our own Atta at home which has less amount of carbohydrates and helps in losing weight each time we have them. Wheat Bran Atta is a great choice for making Chapattis or Rotis. Wheat Bran Atta contains Bran or the outer husk of the wheat which is high in fibre content. This helps in making you full faster and is low in carbohydrates. Another alternative is OatsAtta. This Atta contains the goodness of Oats which helps to make healthier Rotis and Chapattis which is high in Protein and Fibre. You can also choose barley Flour to make Rotis as it is low in carbohydrates. You can either mix all these together in equal proportion and make Rotis or use them singly.

3. Brown Rice - There are many people who take rice for lunch either as Biriyani or Pulavs. People from the Southern part of the sub-continent cannot think about a lunch without rice. For such people Brown Rice is an alternative to the normal white rice. Darker rice is an entire grain, implying that it contains three pieces of the grain bit: the external, fibre-filled layer called the bran, the supplement rich centre called the germ, and the boring centre layer called the endosperm, as indicated by the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health (HSPH). The external, unappetizing structure is expelled.

White rice, interestingly, is a refined grain, implying that the wheat and the germ have been expelled, leaving only the endospore. This procedure strips away a significant part of the fibre and nutrients. Brown rice is an exceptionally nutritious sustenance. It is an entire grain that is generally low in calories (216 calories for each glass), high in fibre, without gluten and can be joined into an assortment of dishes. The USA Rice Federation takes note of that darker rice contains no trans-fat or cholesterol. It has just has few measures of fat and sodium.
Those who love rice for lunch can make best lunch for weight loss using Brown rice. But most of our readers might doubt how Brown rice tastes when compared with White rice. Actually, Brown rice is tastier than the white rice and does not bloat you stomach. Can have with raita made with low fat curd and Vegetable curry with rice for your lunch. You can also consume Brown rice with any of the pulses like Rajma (Red Kidney Beans), Channa (Chick peas) etc. Pulses are full of fibre and helps to keep you full for longer time and does not contain fat in them.

5. Rice Idli – Idli is a popular South Indian dish that is popular in North India too. Idli is prepared with rice and Urad dal (Black Gram). It is a great source of protein. This is because when Rice and Urad dal is mixed together it is made to ferment. The whole process increases the protein content and reduces fat and carbohydrates. Thus, this is a great food for weight loss while giving all required nutrients. You can consume 2-3 Idlis with either sambhar or chutney for lunch without the fear of gaining weight

6. Grilled food – Grilled food are free from fat and oil. Food like Paneer (Cottage Cheese) tikka is a good choice for lunch as it has high protein and low Carb You can use Home Grills to make such grilled items at home. You can also use fish like Salmon or Mackerels or grilling as it contains lots of essential amino acids and Omega fatty acids. Grilled foods are better than fried foods as there are no oil in it, which thus reduces fat in the food.
ohydrate. -You can choose low fat Paneer along with different veggies like tomato, onions, capsicum, little spices help you keep fuller.

7. Try Multigrain Dalia for Lunch -Dalia is a popular Indian food made with broken wheat. It is a highly nutritious dish with loads of fibre content. The presence of high fibre content makes it an ideal food item for weight loss. It’s a healthy lunch for weight loss. Dalia is made with wheat with husk. This husk makes Dalia rich in fibre, which helps to cleanse the intestines and prevents constipation.  You can add different gains into the mixture along with pulses which makes it more nutritious.
Eating a bowl of Dalia daily for lunch is helpful in losing weight. It is loaded with fibre which will keep you satiated for long and promotes weight loss. It is also low on calories. For example, a bowl of Dalia with milk has around 220 calories only. Dalia is rich in complex carbohydrates which has low in glycaemic index.

8. Always eat good food in good quantity and never skip a meal fearing weight gain. We have to remain healthy always.

9. Try to have lunch at regular time without any hurry and chewing properly. This helps in digesting food properly and for proper secretion of gastric hormones & enzymes.

10. Always eat your lunch with a smile and happily. This promotes digestion and makes you feel fuller faster.
Make sure you try these ideas to lose weight. Please let us know your experiences at

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