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Ayurveda in Spain

Ayurveda in Spain

Spain has the right milieu for planting a sapling of the Ashwatha tree of Ayurveda; this is because of the ethnic melting crucible that Spain has been for centuries. At Barcelona and other cities of Spain, eminent Ayurvedic leaders and Naturopaths have been involved with both education and services in alternative systems of medicine. Now there is a demand for a degree course in Ayurveda, at Barcelona.. Bhavans SPARC was requested for the draft of the curriculum which they have done with the input of several Indian academic experts.

In 2005 November, a conference was conducted in Catalonia, about the legalisation of the natural and alternative therapies as the Catalan government are doing a pioneer project to regulate the natural therapies in Catalonia following the European union directive about these therapies. The Spanish government is waiting to see the Catalonian project to see if they want to follow it or not. 

This project, "Regulacio de les Terapies Naturals" is done under the direction of Dr Lluis Torralba who is a modern Doctor, Subdirector General de Serveis Sanitaris (general sub-director of the health service), Generalitat the Catalunya (Catalonian Government), Departament de Salut (health department), Direccio General dels recursos sanitaris (General Committee of healthy resources). 

These projects will initially regulate Homeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Naturists Science and Manual Therapies. With the law, all natural clinics, schools, doctors, practitioners and therapists will be registered. For obtaining the registration, the practitioners will have to qualify an examination conducted by experts concerned subject or therapy.
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