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Ayurveda in Russia

Ayurveda in Russia

Russian Government and public have acknowledged Ayurveda as a healing system, although there is no legal recognition for the profession or the system as such.
NAAMI medical center, Moscow is engaged in propagation of Ayurveda in Russia since last six years. They have invited a team of Vaidyas from India and opened up an Ayurveda clinic in Moscow, which with good success has generated awareness for Ayurveda. The translation of Samhitas of Caraka, Sushruta and Vagbhata are being done in Russian language. Govt. of India has signed a MOU with NAAMI in June 1999 under which all support is being provided by the Govt. of India for the development of Ayurveda in Russia.

The Russian Govt. has recognized Panchakarma as line of treatment throughout the country and the process for recognition of Kshara Sutra treatment has also commenced. Many Physicians are visiting Russia to train their physicians in various practices of Ayurveda. Students of Institute of Medico-Socio Rehabitilogy were taught Ayurveda by Dr. Agnivesh, a reknowned Ayurveda expert from Kerala and his team. At present, Ayurveda teaching starts from second year and runs up to the completion of the course.

The situation is same in the other CIS states.
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