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Ayurveda in United States

Ayurveda in United States

The practice and education of Ayurveda is flourishing in many states like California. Vasant Lad, Deepak Chopra, Robert Svoboda, and David Frawley have successfully propagated Ayurveda in the US. They have established Educational institutions, written large number of books relating to Ayurveda and other Indian knowledge systems, and established chains of Ayurveda clinics and counseling centres all over the country. Three type of training and education program in Ayurveda are available in America:

Ayurveda Institute of New Mexico offer extensive onsite training programs for self-healing without certifying practitioner. Another Institute runs a shorter seminar program.

American Institutes of Ayurveda runs home study programs for Vedic Studies in New Mexico. Florida Vedic College, the Massachusetts and the Ayurveda Holistic Centre in New York offer home study plus minimal classroom training (Usually two weeks per year) culminating in certification as a practitioner.

The only formal and elaborate training program in Ayurveda in America is being offered by the California College of Ayurveda. The California   college of Ayurveda was founded in 1995. The training of Ayurveda practitioners was started with title Clinical Ayurveda specialist. In 1996  the State of California formally approved the college as a vocational training institution in the field of Ayurveda. In America, two associations i.e. National Ayurveda Medical Association and California Association of Ayurveda Medicine are trying to get recognition and accreditation for Ayurveda.
The states of California, Florida, New Mexico and New York have approved teaching of Ayurveda at tertiary level. Recently, many institutions and associations were formed for Ayurveda training and practices. Many graduates and postgraduates of Ayurveda in USA are trying to establish Ayurveda teaching and treatment centres. Few of them are:

American Academy of Ayurveda Medicine (AAAM): established G.D. Pandey Ayurved University at New Brunswick
American Institute of Vedic Studies
New England Institute of Ayurveda Medicine
Vivekanand Ayurveda College
Vedic College of Florida

During Clinton Regime, A white House Committee on Complementary and Alternative Medicine was constituted to study the issue of regulation of CAM therapies. The report of the committee did not favour Ayurveda much to get any kind of recognition for its independent status as a Traditional Medicine.
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