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Aida Ayurveda
Imagine a moment in time where time itself would stand still as you unwind under the soothing care of Ayurveda. If you can imagine such a moment, then you are already en route to the Bentota Aida Ayurveda & Holistic Health Resort.



Aida is an idyllic resort located by the Bentota river. This first class Ayurveda resort is clean, great Ayurveda programs and good value for money. Aida Bentota bordering the Bentota river, and flanked by a lush tropical garden, and few minutes walk from the beach is stylish, elegant and above all peaceful.


Located in Bentota, the peaceful seaside hamlet on the south-west coast of Sri Lanka, and just 1½ hours drive from the Bandaranaike International Airport, the Bentota Aida Ayurveda Hotel is built on the banks of the breathtaking Bentota River and is within walking distance of the Bentota Beach.



Purpose-built with style and elegance, this Ayurveda resort offers you the perfect balance between traditional Sri Lankan architecture, modern comforts and functionality as an Ayurveda resort. The end result is a unique atmosphere; an atmosphere which you will find yourself relaxed, at ease and at peace with yourself. This airy well-designed resort consists of several pavilions connected by open passages on different levels.


Natural breeze wafts across the wide open passages and spaces. Large tropical garden and Swimming pool is quite inviting indeed! The restaurant bordering the pool offers vegetarian and Ayurvedic meals, and is reserved exclusively for in-house guests. Aida also has a separate restaurant in the River wing, which has a wonderful view of the Bentota river. This restaurant serves a wide selection of international food and beverages.


For those of you who yearn for an Ayurveda resort close to the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, Aida Induruwa is ideal. This modern, compact resort is another gem from Aida.


Aida Induruwa complements the main Aida resort in many ways. Maintaining the same high standards that Aida is reputed, this newly built 10 Deluxe roomed Ayurveda Resort also has the advantage of being superbly located right on the Induruwa Beach.


The Ayurveda centre with its own separate detached area, opens directly to the broad sandy beach of Induruwa. Aida Induruwa is a genuine alternative for beach lovers, who do not want to miss the level of services only a professional Ayurveda centre is capable of providing.


Number of doctors in hospital: 3



Abhyanga Synchronized Oil massage

Abhyanga Synchronized Oil massage

After a head and face massage, two therapists will apply oil on your entire body using a special medicated oil The oil application to suit your individual body type. Massage promotes relaxation, tones the body and promotes circulation. Oils increase strength, relieve fatigue and help cure diseases.

Drasvasveda Herbal Bath

Herbal leaves and roots are boiled and the water is poured onto your body while you sit in a warm herbal bath. Herbs used in preparing the bathwater have healing properties.

Ushmasveda Herbal Steam Bath


You rest in an enclosed wooden casket in which steam from boiled herbs and roots vaporize. The herbs and steam help relieve various ailments including being overweight and joint pain.

Pinda Sweda

Pinda Sweda

This special heat treatment is done by applying small steam-heated bundles of herbs tied in cotton bags and pressed gently on aching parts of the body.

Shirodhara Head Oil Bath

Shirodhara Head Oil Bath

A steady flow of warm medicated oils is poured onto the forehead and applied into the scalp and neck. This treatment helps diseases of the head and neck. It also eases chronic headaches, migraine, insomnia, mental stress and many other diseases.

Vasti Karma Medicated Enema Treatment

Vasti Karma Medicated Enema Treatment

Liquids such as medicated oils, milk, and herbal water are administered through the rectum.

Shirovasti Head Oil Bath

Shirovasti Head Oil Bath

Warm medicated herbal oil is poured into a cap fitted onto the head so that the oil is kept on the head for a longer period. It eases facial paralysis, insomnia, chronic headache, migraine, and mental stress.


Conditions successfully treated with Ayurveda    
1.Sexual weakness
2.Parkinsons disease 
3.Nicotine addiction (Smoking)
6.Rheumatoid Arthritis 
7.Rheumatic pains and other joint pains 
8.Sciatica /back pain 
15.Skin Problems
16.High Cholesterol
17.High Blood Pressure
 18.Bronchial Asthma
20.Frozen shoulder
21.High blood pressure
22.Hyper cholesterol
23.Mental stress 
25.Neck stiffness


Accommodation facilities:

Accommodation at Aida Ayurveda Resort Bentota There are 16 guestrooms in the main Bentota Aida Ayurveda Hotel, with a further six by the river on the garden floor of the adjoining Bentota Aida Restaurant Pavilions.

Price Details: Nov-April avg price including treatment and accommodation is around eur 150 p/p* during the off season it is reduced to Eur 80 p/p* (*prices may vary)



Luxurious living yet peaceful and serene, our suite room offers Wide range of entertainment displayed on large LCD for you to relax and unwind. We also offer Wi-Fi internet. Room balcony overlooks the herbal garden and the coconut trees. Personal Safe and Satellite TV, Air conditioner and hair dryer.



Luxurious living yet peaceful and serene, our Mainhouse Deluxe offers Wide range of entertainment displayed on large LCD for you to relax and unwind. We also offer Wi-Fi internet. Room balcony overlooks the herbal garden and the coconut trees. Personal Safe and Satellite TV , Air conditioner and hair dryer.



With herbal garden and Bentota river views, these deluxe rooms are luxuriously beautiful. They feature walk-in closets and perfectly appointed bathrooms. Most Rooms open onto large balconies with picture-perfect views, ideal for reading and relaxation. All rooms come with personal Safe and Satellite TV and Air conditioner.



Ideal for families, fitted with two Deluxe rooms and one Children Bedroom and two Bathrooms one Kitchen and living area. Located on the highest place in the hotel enable to overlook where the Bentota river connects with the Indian ocean.


Individually Controlled Air-Conditioning
King-Size Bed
Personal Safe
Mini Refrigerator Stocked On Request
Room Service
Piped Music
IDD Facilities
Attached Bathroom with Hot & Cold Water

We provide organic food from our garden. We do not serve white sugar, chili and night shades.


There is no air and noise pollution in the surrounding area.


Vaastu has been applied for the buildings.


Yohan Waduge



12 A, Mangala mawatha, Bentota, Sri Lanka
, , Sri Lanka
Nearest Railway Station: Bentota
Nearest Airport: Colombo

Contact Info

Phone: 0342271137

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