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Mudita Health Clinic, Byron Bay,

Mudita Health Clinic, Byron Bay

Mudita Health Clinic, Byron Bay
Mudita Health Clinic offers a consistent and truly holistic approach to health and happiness with practitioners who genuinely work as a team - all working from the same framework of understanding and using the same language. Based in beautiful Byron Bay, they work with both local, interstate and overseas clients.


Kester Marshall
Ayurvedic Practitioner, Naturopath & Herbalist, Clinic Director

Kester has been a practicing Naturopath and Western Herbalist since 1996. In 2000 whilst living in India he fell ill with a chronic gut parasite. He applied all the natural medicine he knew to heal himself but it didn’t work.  He went to Western Doctors and even the hardcore pharmaceuticals they prescribed didn’t work. It was only after seeing an Ayurvedic Practitioner in Adelaide and implementing some simple dietary changes and taking Ayurvedic herbal formulas that he actually got better. Quickly. He was hooked - finally a system of medicine that was truly holistic, had the answers and could help him to help his clients. 


Lorien Waldron
Ayurvedic Consultant

Lorien began formal study with the Australasian Institute of Ayurvedic Studies (Dr.S Ajit) in 2006, graduating in 2009 as an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant. She was mentored by Doko and Kester towards the end of her studies and has been a friend of Mudita ever since.



Shirodhara - a deeply effective therapy in the treatment of stress, anxiety, nervousness and insomnia. It is also beneficial for depression, fatigue, 
hormonal imbalances, high blood pressure, migraines and chronic headaches. Shirodhara involves the precise pouring of warm, medicated herbal oil upon 
the forehead. The treatment is completed with an Ayurvedic head massage.

Ayurvedic Massage - this deeply rejuvenating massage expels toxins, promotes suppleness and flexibility, calms the mind and nourishes the tissues and nervous system. Ayurvedic massage uses large quantities of warm, medicated herbal oils with specific strokes for your constitution. It is considered an integral part of any health program but is particularly recommended for the elderly, children and pregnant women. 

Pindaswed Massage - offers immediate and lasting relief from pain and inflammation. It involves the therapeutic application of heat with a medicated herbal ‘bolus’. Applied to the whole body or locally, this massage can relieve conditions including arthritis, stiffness and swelling of the joints, cellulite, obesity and muscle pain. Also excellent for helping to eliminate toxins (ama) from the deeper tissues. 

Kati Basti - Ayurveda’s unique treatment for musculoskeletal disorders of the spine, shoulder and joints. A moulded dough is placed over the problem area to hold carefully selected medicated herbal oils, providing relief in conditions such as sciatica, slipped and degenerative discs, acute and chronic back pain, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, knee problems and arthritis. Note - this can be booked as a combined treatment with an Ayurvedic Massage. 

Heart Dhara  - According to Ayurveda, the heart is not only the centre of our life force but the place from which all emotions arise. Heart dhara is effective in the treatment of heart conditions, but also in stabilising the mind and emotions; helping to treat anxiety disorders, panic attacks, chest pain and poor circulation. The treatment involves a well of dough placed on the chest with a warm herbal decoction and warm medicated herbal oil poured continuously over the heart area. Note - this can be booked as a combined treatment with an Ayurvedic Massage or Pindaswed.




41 Sunrise Blvd, Byron Bay, New South Wales, 2481
, New South Wales, Australia
Nearest Railway Station: Byron Bay Railway Station
Nearest Airport: Gold Coast Airport

Contact Info

Phone: 0261004268
Email: Shirodhara-adeeplyeffectivetherapyinthetreatmentofstressanxietynervousnessandinsomnia.Itisalsobeneficialfordepressionfatiguehormonalimbalanceshighbloodpressuremigrainesandchronicheadaches.Shirodharainvolvestheprecisepouringofwarmmedicatedherbaloilupontheforehead.ThetreatmentiscompletedwithanAyurvedicheadmassage.Mudita_Health_Clinic_Ayurvedic_Massage.jpgAyurvedicMassage-thisdeeplyrejuvenatingmassageexpelstoxinspromotessupplenessandflexibilitycalmsthemindandnourishesthetissuesandnervoussystem.Ayurvedicmassageuseslargequantitiesofwarmmedicatedherbaloilswithspecificstrokesforyourconstitution.Itisconsideredanintegralpartofanyhealthprogrambutisparticularlyrecommendedfortheelderlychildrenandpregnantwomen.Mudita_Health_Clinic_Pindaswed_Massage.jpgPindaswedMassage-offersimmediateandlastingrelieffrompainandinflammation.Itinvolvesthetherapeuticapplicationofheatwithamedicatedherbalbolus.Appliedtothewholebodyorlocallythismassagecanrelieveconditionsincludingarthritisstiffnessandswellingofthejointscelluliteobesityandmusclepain.Alsoexcellentforhelpingtoeliminatetoxinsamafromthedeepertissues.Mudita_Health_Clinic_Kati_Basti.jpgKatiBasti-Ayurvedasuniquetreatmentformusculoskeletaldisordersofthespineshoulderandjoints.Amouldeddoughisplacedovertheproblemareatoholdcarefullyselectedmedicatedherbaloilsprovidingreliefinconditionssuchassciaticaslippedanddegenerativediscsacuteandchronicbackpainfrozenshouldertenniselbowkneeproblemsandarthritis.Note-thiscanbebookedasacombinedtreatmentwithanAyurvedicMassage.Mudita_Health_Clinic_Heart_Dhara.jpgHeartDhara-AccordingtoAyurvedatheheartisnotonlythecentreofourlifeforcebuttheplacefromwhichallemotionsarise.Heartdharaiseffectiveinthetreatmentofheartconditionsbutalsoinstabilisingthemindandemotionshelpingtotreatanxietydisorderspanicattackschestpainandpoorcirculation.Thetreatmentinvolvesawellofdoughplacedonthechestwithawarmherbaldecoctionandwarmmedicatedherbaloilpouredcontinuouslyovertheheartarea.Note-thiscanbebookedasacombinedtreatmentwithanAyurvedicMassageorPindaswed.

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