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Ayurveda in Netherlands The

Ayurveda in Netherlands The

The Oriental College jointly with the Foundation of Indian Systems of Medicine (FISM) runs two Ayurveda courses from 2004 in Ayurveda Medicine and Ayurveda Psycho physiology. The courses are organised in an integrated  pattern with modern Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology and Psychology. FISM has designed the concept of Satwa Ayurveda highlighting the psycho-spiritual aspects of Ayurveda.

European Institute for Scientific Research on Ayurveda (EISRA) established in1989 started organizing 2-year technical and 4-year academic level degree program since early 90s. This Institute is well supported by the faculty comprised of various graduates and postgraduates of Ayurveda from India visiting regularly.  They have also formed a Professional association called, "Associatie Ayurveda Nederland". This Institution has published many books in Dutch prepared by its faculty.
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