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Shishu Abhyanga

Shishu Abhyanga

Babies grow very fast and ayurvedic baby massage plays a very important role in the growth of the child. As in the childhood years Bones stretch, muscles thicken, sense organs get more powerful; the brain grows swiftly, as does immunity.

With so many activities taken on during childhood, the body needs enough care and maintenance. This can occur in one of two ways:

  • Food that is wholesome and nutritious and promotes a healthy metabolism
  • Oil massage to care for the body.
Shishu Abhyanga is an important newborn ritual for their development and health. Oil application relieves stress, provides tactile stimulation, enhances blood flow, protects against heat loss, and provides additional energy to newborns and children. Neonatal Massage is quite important during the formative years. Muscles become stronger, sense organs become more powerful, and the brain grows rapidly during this period. Immunity is also rapidly building at this time. Human growth hormone (HGH- promoter of normal growth) release is increased by body massage in newborns. It reduces anxiety and enhances sleep.

Baby Massage with Oil

The traditional practice of Abhyanga for babies is very much in line with Ayurvedic principles. Childbirth is a natural procedure that causes significant stress and strain to both the mother and the child. Such actions boost the bodys Vata dosha. Abhyanga (oil massage) is recommended by Ayurveda for treating exacerbated Vata dosha. We notice that babies are traditionally given an oil bath and then wrapped in warm garments to keep them warm. The Vata Dosha must be balanced for newborns to grow and develop properly.

Abhyanga is a wonderful approach to strengthening the link between mother and child. Both the mother and the kid experience a sense of security and joy when they are touched.

Modern doctors used to dismiss newborn massage as unhygienic and impractical. However, new studies have demonstrated the advantages of baby massage. Tactile stimulation during massage is thought to release hormones like Oxytocin, which creates a joyful experience in both the mother and the kid, as well as improves their mental attachment. The physical maneuvers performed during the massage have been found to aid the childs neuromuscular development. According to studies, oil is not only a lubricant, but it also has other benefits such as weight gain and nourishment.

Abhyangas Baby Benefits
  • It promotes appropriate neuromuscular health.
  • It increases the skins radiance.
  • It improves the childs immunity.
  • Improves the babys natural sleep
  • It helps with thermoregulation (temperature control)
  • It nourishes the hair and the scalp.
  • It promotes healthy weight gain.
  • It aids the babys/general toddlers growth and development.

The right procedure for Abhyanga Massage

  • It should be done on an empty stomach, preferably in the morning or evening. It is recommended to wait an hour after the baby has been fed before massaging him.
  • The baby can be massaged while seated or spread out on a tub of the sanitary sheet.
  • Before applying the oil to the body, it should be slightly warmed.
  • A lukewarm water bath should always follow abhyanga. Make sure the water is not too hot for the infant and that it is pleasant for him. After the Abhyanga, the baby should be well covered and kept warm. Cold wind should never be exposed to a baby.
  • When massaging babies, never apply pressure.
  • While massaging children, the caregivers hands and nails must be kept clean. To avoid hurting sensitive skin, nails should be clipped.
  • Oil must not come into contact with the eyes.
  • Some babies may be allergic to a few oils; test a drop on your palms to see if any symptoms occur.
  • To avoid falling and harm, exercise extra caution when holding and massaging the infant.

Kids massage plays a very important role in their growth and you should only rely on professionals for giving the best Shishu abhyanga massage benefits. Adam & Eve Ayurveda is the most reliable platform that helps you to connect with the best ayurvedic doctors in Abu Dhabi and get 100% benefits from Ayurvedic Baby Massage.

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