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Ayurveda in Bangladesh

Ayurveda in Bangladesh

Before independence of India, there were a few Ayurveda colleges within the boundaries of the present Bangladesh. However, after the formation of Bangladesh, Ayurveda Education and practise took a new shape. The system is recognised officially and the Government has taken initiative to integrate the Ayurveda and Unani systems in the primary and secondary health care institutions, Upazilla Health Complexes (UHC) and District Hospitals (DH). A fullfledged 5 and a half yrs degree course is being conducted at the Government Unani & Ayurveda degree college, Dhaka. The same syllabus offered by CCIM has been adopted. The college is affiliated to the University of Dhaka. Apart from this, there are 7 Ayurveda Colleges in the private sector offering Diploma in Ayurveda.

The Certificate is given by the Bangladesh Unani and Ayurveda Board. The drugs are regulated by The Drug Control Act 1982. There are 153 BAMS registered Ayurveda Doctors and 398 Diploma holders practicing in Bangladesh. There are 161 Registered Ayurveda Drug Manufacturing companies in Bangladesh and 3150 registered Ayurvedic medicines in practise. Today, there are 162 registered sales centres are there for the trade of Ayurvedic medicines in the country. Pakistan has many Ayurvedic manufacturing units and the practise of Ayurveda and Unani are wide spread as in Bangladesh.

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