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Join as a team member

It would be our pleasure to bring you on board, contribute and grow with us.
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There have been lots of people asking to be involved with my unique site and truly I only look for those with authentic expertise and I am so pleased to announce that our Expert Contributors are here to support all you lovely members.

I do not pay or take any commission from contributors, in any way.

This is how it works. I promote and give contributors a voice, should they want one and I ask them to offer reduced prices for members.

In return for good quality content, advice and interaction.

I am always looking for authentic contributors and offer them a platform to speak on a Zoom call. These calls will have a small charge to cover our time and always reduced for website members.

I ask all Members to make requests through the group page so that we can see how the system is working, please do not contact contributors independently, they give their time freely and we should respect their time.

Many thanks, Project Head.